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sheqafrica Staff asked 1 year ago

I have a contract with a company, where I signed a 37.2 appointment. I deliver coils to their clients. They want me to also sign a 37.2 at the clients were I deliver. But I have no contract or agreements with their clients, I only deliver there. Do I need to sign their 37.2’s also? From Annie.

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Rudy Maritz answered 1 year ago

Hi Annie.
There is no legal connection (nexis) between your company and the receiver of the coils. The contract exists between your client and their client. You are a mandatory of your client and the 37(2) agreement will be between you and your client.
Once again, however, I found it easier to complete the paperwork (regardless of how useless it is) than to educate people who do not want to understand the legal aspects of the jobs they do.

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