Competition Commission could stop construction safety registration
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Abraham Jacobs asked 5 months ago

In light of the post of the 2 March 2017 on, should one still proceed with registration?
I have been working in the Civil Engineering consulting industry since 1986 as a civil engineering technician (± 25 years), and as an H&S consultant / practitioner in the Civil Engineering / Construction industry for the past 7 years, I have in the last 6 months been “disqualified” from tenders, RFQ’s due to not having registered as a Pr. CHSA with the SACPCMP)
Reasons for not registering are attributed to the following:

  • The registration criteria – the bar has been set to high in terms of tertiary qualifications – not enough individuals in the industry will be able to meet the requirements – supply and demand)
  • Cost for Pr.CHSA: Application fee – R1688.88 + Registration fee – R861.78 + Annual fee -R2843.34 + RPL registration fee– R15 040.00 + cost of flight and accommodation ±R 4 000.00 = ± R 25 000.00 (Appeal fee – R2 921.39)
  • Cost and availability of CPD opportunities are extreme and inadequate.
  • Ability of the SACPCMP to process registrations timeously – even if I do register how long will it take – registration does not necessarily equate to competency
  • Lack of enforcement and or the ability to enforce legislation / registration – and then the consequence thereof on the construction industry, is this in line with the constitution?

I am currently in my final year completing my NDSMN at UNISA, the current state of affairs regarding registration is extremely messy to say the least, any thoughts on when there might be some clarity / finality regarding registrations.
Thank you sheqafrica for your excellent platform, keeping us informed and up to date.
Kind regards
Abe Jacobs
(TechSaiohs) (OHSPRAC) / OHS Practitioner No.: 23854728 
(TechIOSH)  UK No.: 166769
Cell : 082 8255 090  |  E-mail :

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sheqafrica Staff answered 5 months ago

Abe, we do not support the current process, but until such time as it is changed (if ever), it is a purely commercial decision. Many consulting companies have suffered the same fate as you. Should you continue with registration and the process is altered. stopped, halted, then refund requests will be on top of the menu. If you do not register and the status quo remains, well, then you have seen what happened.

Abe Jacobs replied 5 months ago

Thank you Sheqafrica, great site keep up the excellent contributions/work in the OH&S profession, much appreciated.

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