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Need a Health & Safety File? Get it free – For life!

Good news for Contractors in the Construction Industry! The infamous, and sometimes rather expensive Health & Safety Files required to start projects, are now available for free.

Never pay for a File again! Save thousands every year!

Sheqfile offers free health & safety files which is available in MS Word and can be downloaded totally free. No royalties, no monthly fees.

The Sheqfile Health & Safety file can be adapted to suit any type of contractor; civils, electrical, plumbing, wet works and comprises the majority of documents required in terms of the Construction Regulations, 2014.

The H&S File has been used by contractors and has been subjected to Department of Labour inspections, and it has been audited by a variety of well-known principal contractors in the construction industry, including Murray & Roberts, Aveng and NMC.

How to cure the construction safety file syndrome

It also comes with a 10 day Training Guide, which will take you through the various sections of the file, explaining what it is, how you need to complete it, and what needs to be added to it to create a file ready for approval.

Contractors will be empowered to create their own files, whenever they need it, as many times as they want. There are no copyright, no license fees. It truly is totally free.

The H&S file is also updated whenever the law changes and a sms updating service is available to every user to notify when a new update is available for download. All you then need to do is remove the part that needs to be updated, and replace it with the updated document.

Sheqfile also offers an online support ticketing system to help you get started.

The first edition of Sheqfile will be released on Saturday, 1 July 2017.

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