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Cygma SHEQ launches SmartSafe

Cygma SHEQ, one of the most innovative SHEQ consultancies in Africa, has launched an affordable product designed to assist employers with less than 20 employees to comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993.

The product, called “Smartsafe” is a unique offering, allowing company owners to comply with statutory requirements with minimal resources. It also adds a corrective action tracking system which allows business owners to get notified when something in the business does not comply with requirements.

SmartSafe will only be available to companies in the Business to Consumer (B2C) market, where the standard of compliance is based on the Act and regulations.

SmartSafe is the ideal solution for business owners who do not have the resources or time to perform the routine functions required by law. The SmartSafe team takes care of everything and ensures the records are kept up to date should an inspector decide to visit the business.

Some of the key features of SmartSafe are:

  1. A complete Health & Safety Management System designed according to Industry standards,
  2. A complete Maintenance and Testing program for regulated plant, equipment and tools,
  3. An Employee Induction program and hazard reporting system, and
  4. A Star- Grading with Compliance Certificate.

Benefits to the B2C industry

Employers can demonstrate compliance with the OHSAct without the use of internal human resources and keep track of items that require attention. With the proposed change in the penalties under the revised OSHAct coming in 2019, SmartSafe prevents these administrative interventions by the inspectorate.

SmartSafe is available exclusively from Cygma SHEQ and their authorised agents for only R1 750 per month. For more information visit

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