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After three years, the Department of Labour made good on their promise to issue a Guideline document on how to comply with the Construction Regulations of 2014. During the launch of the regulations in February 2014, the then Chief Inspector, Thobile Lamati, promised the construction industry that the guide will be published in the same year.

What was supposed to be a document to clarify current issues, turned out to be nothing more than a copy of the regulations with a few paragraphs of “notes” added and provides very little information to those hoping for more clarity. It does however shed some light on the more serious issues.

SABizonline sought advice from one of the people who requested the DOL to postpone the promulgation of the regulations due to some technical complications in the text. Rudy Maritz, former member of a lobby group opposing forced registration, and the CEO of the Cygma Group in Southern Africa, shared his views on the Guideline document below.

“I am not surprised that it took so long to produce yet another confusing document. I believe the Department of Labour created a Red Herring and now cannot get rid of it, despite their best efforts. But there are some positives from this Guideline Document that could aid in speeding up Construction projects if it is applied correctly by the Health & Safety practitioners out there.”

For the sake of structure, I will deal with this document in the sequence it is published.

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