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There are many ‘safety recruitment’ human resources services offering psychometric testing, but we should rather manage safety culture.

Building resilience trumps the prevention of harm

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Resilience is the capability of a system to maintain its function/structure in the face of changes and to degrade gracefully when it must, writes Max Geyer.

I became more attuned to the failure of how we think about risk tolerance after I was squashed by a car.

Minor incident statistics or ‘near misses’ are like amber traffic lights; we speed up and then hesitate, writes safety psychologist David Broadbent.

Safety psychologist David Broadbent explores the anatomy of industrial disasters, and strategies to diagnose and prevent them.

Some industrial disaster lessons

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What are the industrial disaster lessons from multi-fatal incidents such as Texas City plant, Deepwater Horizon, and from major safety conferences?

Some organisations practice petty health and safety myths or numbers games. If your employer does, be afraid.

Risk tolerance should be a constant value, but it is often just an attitude or priority, and work priorities change.

Risk tolerance and killer kultures

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Every organisation has a general risk tolerance, and some have a killer culture. Watch out for confidential or fake health and safety data.

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