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Road Safety Risks – Sugar Fields Logistics leads the way

A video of one truck overtaking another truck with total disregard of the safety of oncoming traffic recently circulated on Facebook. The truck featured the branding of a company called Sugar Fields Logistics, two mobile numbers and a street address. The address is of the Sugar Fields Guesthouse in Verulam, KZN. One cannot help but wonder what safety culture exists in this company, and what Road Safety System they employ.

We will attempt to find out and report back with more information.While the Bible verse at the back asks for prosperity of the truck owner, the oncoming traffic is totally disregarded.

Watch the video on Wheels24.

According to Wheels24, the driver claimed that the truck on the left accelerated as it was being overtaken. Yet, the driver on the right made no attempt to pull back and go in behind the truck on the left. He just kept going, all safety rules ignored.

The second truck had the branding “I love Saladita” at the back.

It appears this truck transports for a farm in the Lutzville area of the Western Cape.

According to the Wheels24 article the incident occurred on the N1 near Laingsburg, a stretch of road renowned for its high road fatality rate, nick-named the Road of Death.

We will look at the liability of Truck owners in this kind of behaviour in a follow-up article, but for now, here are some suggestions from the Western Cape Provincial traffic Chief, Kenny Africa, during a Cycling Protest in Cape Town. (See the post on Cycling Safety)

  1. Try to keep calm and do not go into a road rage,
  2. Take photos, or videos and send it to me personally.
  3. Get the registration number of the offender’s vehicle.

The Road Traffic Safety Agency also requests information from motorists on offensive drivers, and although we have no knowledge of any actions taken, it is time we as motorists report dangerous driving to the authorities. Sharing this type of footage on social media is a sure-fire way to get company owners to be more “aware” of what their heavy killing machine operators are doing on the roads.

Source: Photo & Video – Rudi Viljoen


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