is the new home of Africa’s leading independent online occupational safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) magazine, formerly known as The publication changed name on 1 June 2017, almost 10 years after it was first established., does not only focus on SHEQ matters, but general business news, events, information, legal updates and also adds a bit of Community and Lifestyle related content.

The change has become necessary as was no longer viable to keep up to date, without any revenue. The SHEQ profession is no longer sustainable at the low levels of education in South Africa, and a fresh approach was required. is leading the way!

MISSION: To promote sustainable business management by providing an online forum for news, articles, products, services, legislation, jobs and blogs, focused on business in Southern Africa.

VISITORS: We host about 25 000 visitors per month, of whom 16 000 are unique visitors. Of these visits, 86.2% are from African countries.

CONTENT: We serve the information needs of Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, HR & Finance managers, engineers, occupational medical practitioners, occupational health nurses, environmental managers, as well as professionals in these disciplines.

Publisher is an independant publication and has no affiliation with any former editors, publishers or contributors. It is wholly-owned by the Cygma Group UK.